The Cheeky Monkey


Item: The Cheeky Monkey: A Rhyming Story for Little Ears & Eyes

Reviewed by: Heather Ford

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At out house we LOVE bedtime stories.  Of course the girls have their favorites, but they enjoy reading new ones as well.  We make frequent trips to the library and come home with a bag full of books each time.  Any books the girls love, we purchase for our collection.  My girls can be the harshest critics when it comes to books.  We have had instances where we only made it a few pages into the book only to have one of them say, “stop reading this, I don’t like it.”  If the opinion is mutual with both of them we stop.  After each new book we talk about what they liked about the book and what they learned from it and if they have any questions about it.


I was given the opportunity to download “The Cheeky Monkey” for review and I was anxious to see what my girls would think of the book.  Needless to say they loved it!  We ended up reading it three times in a row.  The story is about a young girl that sees a monkey outside her window and goes to play with him.  The monkey gets himself into a lot of trouble because he thinks that is the only way to play.  The girl shows him that there are other ways to play and have fun that won’t harm other people’s belongings.  When the day is done the girl goes back to her room wondering if the monkey will continue to behave.  She looks out her window to find him sitting in the tree with underwear on his head.  The story is short and attention grabbing and it made my girls laugh which always puts a smile on my face.  When I asked them what they thought of the book they told me they liked it because it was funny and because the monkey learns how to play nice.

From the Author, Rose Hibbert:

“I have been writing stories since I was a little girl and always had a wild imagination which has only been ignited again since becoming a mother. I have two little girls and my toddler is the inspiration for publishing my first book as she is such a cheeky little monkey. She loves to read and I love reading to her and decided to take my stories to other children so they would hopefully enjoy them too and would smiles on little faces everywhere.”

Happy Reading!


Disclosure: I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  I will not recommend a product to others that I, myself don’t use.  The opinions provided above are my own without influence.


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