Rechargeable Electronic Foot File Callus Remover


Item: Rechargeable Electronic Foot File Callus Remover

Reviewed by: Heather Ford

Link to product on Amazon: Utilyze Rechargeable Electronic Foot File

My feet get very dry and rough around my heels, the edges of the balls of my feet, and the edges of my big toes. In the summertime this is manageable based on the scrubbing that is done during my pedicures. Now that sandal season is almost over (at least for the Midwest) I started looking for a foot file. I came across the UTILYZE Rechargeable Electronic Foot File and decided to give it a try. A lot of the foot files I have seen are battery operated so I was pleased to see that this one is rechargeable through a power cord.

The foot file comes assembled with the roller already in it. The roller has a clear plastic cover that easily pops off for use. The set also comes with an extra roller, a brush for wiping the file after use, and the power cord for charging. You will need to charge the food file before use. To use the file, slide the button on the top of the foot file forward and the roller will begin to spin. Rub the spinning roller over the areas you would like to file the rough skin off and watch it go to work. In doing this I immediately saw dead skin start to essentially be sanded off. I was impressed (and mildly disgusted) at the amount of dead skin that was coming off. I would advise filing your feet in an area that it easy to clean as you will make a mess. The file is very safe; if you push down too hard the roller will stop moving. After only a few minutes my feet felt and looked smoother. Using the UTILYZE Foot File is effortless and the results are great. I am glad that I found something that works and won’t have to suffer through a winter with dry, scratchy feet.


Here is what Utilyze has to say about their product:

Your search for the perfect callus remover is finally over. When you purchase the UTILYZE CR-700B today, here’s what you should do…

When that little brown box from Amazon arrives at your door, open it up the first chance you get. Take out the UTILYZE CR-700B and admire the beautiful packaging. You have in your hands a powerful machine that has gone through rigorous quality testing to bring you the best callus remover the world has ever seen. With rollers that spin more than 50 times per second, the CR-700B is by far the strongest callus remover on the market. If you’re tired of other products that just don’t have enough power, this is for you!

Most powerful and rechargeable. Re-engineered to handle the toughest calluses.
►Lightweight and portable. Traveling? Take it with you anywhere you go.
Water-resistant. Use it on wet or dry skin and clean it under tap water.
►Safe, powerful, quick, and easy way of prepping your feet in seconds.
►Comes with 2 extra coarse rollers that last much longer than other brands.
►Economical over the life of the product. Perfect for commercial use.
►Sleek and beautiful packaging makes it excellent for gift giving.

Now open up that gorgeous box. Turn it on and maneuver it over your unwanted calluses. Imagine all your hard skin and rough calluses being removed in seconds with no effort. Imagine never having to spend hundreds of dollars on salon treatments. The benefits are endless. Bloggers are raving about the CR-700B. You really have to give it a try!

Try our product for 4 weeks. Use it once a week to remove all the dirty calluses you want out of your life. If you don’t think it was worth every penny of your investment, we’ll give you your full payment back. No questions asked!

So order now and consider getting one for your family member or your very best friend.

Happy Filing!


Disclosure: I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  I will not recommend a product to others that I, myself or a family member don’t use.  The opinions provided above are my own without influence.


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