Vellostar Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit

Item: Vellostar Sewing Kit

Reviewed by: Heather Ford

Link to product on Amazon: Vellostar Sewing Kit

I am one of those people that like to be prepared for anything. People often get a good laugh when they see the types of items that I have in my purse. I recently had a button fall off so I dug through my purse to find my sewing kit, which was one of those tiny ones with just a needle and a few strands of thread. After getting frustrated because I didn’t have scissors and the thread didn’t really match I knew I needed to get a better sewing kit. I came across the Vellostar Compact Sewing Kit, which looked to have so many great items, and ordered it.

The kit is better than I expected. It is very compact, measuring about 4.75”x4.75”x1”. The kit unzips on three sides allowing it to lay flat when opened. Inside the kit you will find everything you need for quick mending on the go. Each item is secured with an elastic band. The thread colors in my kit are slightly different from the stock photo, most are common colors, others I probably won’t use. The thread is on plastic cylinders so you can swap out colors if desired. My favorite items in the kit are the measuring tape and the scissors as these will be used for more than mending. I am overly pleased with this kit and am sure it will be put to good use.
I was given the opportunity to purchase this kit free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Here is what Vellostar has to say about their product:

  • Comprehensive sewing kit for whole family, Mom, Dad, kids, campers, college students and preppers
  • Compact sewing kit is perfect for everyday, travel or emergencies; Store in desk, purse, or car
  • Sturdy zippered canvas case holds high-quality sewing tools; Elastic holders keep things in place
  • Kit Includes: scissors, tape, seam ripper, needles, thimble, threaders, pins, buttons, and thread
  • Portable sewing kit for mending rips, tears, holes, unraveled hems, missing buttons, and more

Happy Sewing!


Disclosure: I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  I will not recommend a product to others that I, myself or a family member don’t use.  The opinions provided above are my own without influence.


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